"Every project is different and deserves to be treated in a unique visual way"

   Johanna was born and raised in France where she studied the craft of cinematography at a technical school, followed by filmmaking classes at the University La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. Seeking to enrich her European approach with the American perspective, she moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and became in 2013 a cinematographer graduate from the prestigious American Film Institute.


   Johanna has worked as a cinematographer on a number of projects, including narrative films award-winning, music videos, PSA award-winning, TV shows, interviews and documentaries.


   She completed 4 feature films, working for one with MarVista Entertainment, and she has worked on TV shows with renowned companies, such as Ricky Schroder Productions and HBO. Her last feature And Then There Was Eve won the Jury Award at the L.A Film Festival.


   She has been passionate about creating and experimenting with meaningful images since a very young age. Inspired by the Impressionist and Surrealist movements, she is always trying to find a way to communicate real life ideas in an original way. She loves the challenge of giving life to a story, defined by the resources available, working with the beautiful association of creativity and technique.


She loves to say she is a visual psychologist : her role is to understand and interpret the emotions of the characters, to create for them the best visual atmosphere to act in.


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